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  • Bulle

    Bulle (bubble) our mouth-blown glass vases have the unforeseen excellence of a discovered item. Its thick dividers and stunning profile make it an ideal expansion to easygoing spaces. It mirrors the artisan’s conviction that living beautifully would be graceful.

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  • Cotelee

    Côtelée (Ribbed) an ingeniously ribbed surface adds texture and style to the beautiful design of this table vase. Gorgeous blue creates a stunning look with a hand-applied finish that ensures high quality and optimal allure.

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  • Esagonale

    The individually framed hand-cut rough Esagonale (hexagonal) facets and crowned with an exquisitely unbalanced clear glass rim. Introducing the lusciously imperfect, mouth-blown series wide-rimmed hand-cut glass vase. Never has the blatant imperfection of cuts been so beautiful.

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  • Frameboise

    Framboise (raspberry)is one of Orrefor’s most cherished works of art. The numerous round ‘drupelets’ that give it its raspberry shape make a delicate gem feeling and a sparkling brightness that is profoundly unmistakable.

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  • Lilac waxing moon glass vase

    Special hand crafted glass vases in ocean colour which would stimulate the bottom of ocean bed thanks to experienced artisans

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